Yoga Retreats – Weekend Yoga Getaways

So you're salivating at the thought of going on a 7-day yoga retreat to Mexico with your favorite yoga studio but don't think you'll be able to take the time off. There is no need to feel defeated. There are many options available to you.

One such alternative is a weekend yoga getaway. Yoga and meditation retreat centers of all kinds are located around the world. You can find everything from bare bones cabins in the woods to plush ocean view suites.

Weekend yoga getaways are great because many of the centers offer à la carte services. You can choose to participate in group classes, be led in private meditations, visit an ayurvedic medical practitioner, and reward yourself with spa treatments, vegan meals, room service, or none of the above depending on your mood and budget.

There are centers where you can choose to observe silence and wear a special badge so that no one tries to speak to you. They even have a separate dining room for those who would prefer to eat in silence.

Practicing yoga and meditation a couple times a day for a weekend can provide you with a much-needed boost of energy. As the work weeks grind on your short battery, a recharge here and there can stave off the need for an extended vacation.

Many of the centers also offer weekend yoga workshops. It's always a great idea to try and coordinate your weekend with a workshop that peaks your interest. You may also find that a teacher whose class you love or whose class you've always wanted to take is giving a hands-on weekend workshop. In that case, I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity as doing so can do wonders for the development of your practice.

Yoga weekends are also great for romantic trips. Couples who practice together can help each other maintain a more balanced lifestyle and enjoy the added benefit of the synchronized opening chakras and endorphin boost. That good vibe can carry right from the weekend into your everyday life.

Explore your options, as there are tons out there, and consult your friends and yoga instructors. A weekend yoga retreat might be just the thing you need to scratch that yogic itch.

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