The Bonding Ritual Of Tantra Yoni Massage

It is impossible to discuss tantra sex or sacred sexuality without also touching upon some of the key tantric rituals. The tantric yoni massage is a very intimate process and one of the fundamental tantra goddess worship techniques. This technique must be learned in intricate detail from an accomplished tantra teacher, as using the wrong moves can cause pain and injury.

Once the male has mastered the techniques involved in tantra yoni massage, he is able to offer to his beloved one of the most fulfilling erotic experiences that his woman can ever have. Using this technique in the right manner and in the right spirit can prove to be a major breakthrough in a couple’s intimate relationship and bring the partners closer together than ever before.

To properly understand why ancient tantra gives such great importance to these rituals, one needs to understand that the woman’s vagina is, in fact, considered a sacred thing. Translated from Sanskrit, the word ‘yoni’ literally means ‘sacred space / place of worship’.

The yoni is what defines the tantra goddess as a deity worthy of adoration, as it is the very wellspring of human creation. Referring to one’s woman’s most intimate parts with this term brings a whole new dimension of respect to the relationship.

One of the primary reasons why this ritual is so powerful and effective is that it is a selfless service or act of worship offered by the man to the woman. There is no element of desire for personal gratification for the man – his objective is purely to offer pleasure and joy to his woman. This is a concept which is largely alien to most people, who feel that there must be an equal measure of give and take in any intimate encounter.

Though the process of learning to administer a tantric yoni massage begins with specific instructions from the tantra teacher, it is also important that those who practice it do so in the right spirit. One of the vital aspects of this very powerful tantric ritual is that orgasm is not an objective. Though climax may happen, the most important thing is that the woman experiences a deep sense of wellbeing and of being cherished.

Learning to administer this loving service to his woman is an important step away from the objectification which taints most man-woman relationships. The woman is no longer simply a vessel for the man’s lust – she becomes the tantric goddess that Nature has meant her to be. Though further sexual activity may follow, this should be solely the woman’s prerogative and not something she has to give in exchange for ‘services rendered.’

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