Sport Boxing – One of the Oldest Forms of Combat

Although there are several types of boxing, sport boxing is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word said. Essentially, boxing involves fist fighting or punching with the hands covered in gloves. As the name implies, sport boxing is considered a sport and is even included in the Olympics. Others, however, practice this discipline as part of their regimen for fitness or to supplement another self-defense technique. Possibly the oldest form of fighting known to man, it isn’t surprising that boxing is used as a component in other forms of martial arts.

History of Sport Boxing

Sumerians living around 3rd millennium BC already recorded instances of fist fighting. It was around 1473, however, that rules were incorporated in the game to create clear winners and losers in the session. Among the different rules established, possibly the most enduring is the one made in 1867 dubbed the “Marques of Queensbury Rules.” Nowadays, both amateur and professional boxers still fight within their own weight class, time-limitations were enforced, and points were used to declare a winner, in the event that no knockdown occurs. It was also during this time that the typical straight and stiff boxing stance was changed into the more common bent posture with the hands held closely to the face. A well-regulated sport, boxing currently has several governing and sanctioning bodies, some of which include: International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Council, World Boxing Organization, and World Boxing Association.

Sport Boxing Discipline

Sport Boxing is first and foremost a sport with participants often competing for prize money. An amateur version of the sport is usually played in the Olympics or in the collegiate level with participants wearing protective headgear – as opposed to professional boxers. Possibly the most popular professional boxer is Muhammad Ali who won the title of Heavyweight Champion.

Different boxers have different styles and no two boxers employ the same technique. Essentially though, boxing styles can be segregated into three basic methods: in-fighter, out-fighter, and brawler.

Although mostly used for sports, sport boxing can still be used as an excellent form of self-defense. Those trained in boxing know exactly how to hit, where to hit, strike hard and fast. Not only that but they’re also trained to take hits, exercise all body parts and essentially boost their stamina. With the incredible popularity of sports boxing, it isn’t surprising that the discipline is carefully studied. Nowadays, those interested can find out the different components of a fighter including stance, footwork, bobbing, types of punches, and more.

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