Small Office Lunch Clubs Save Everybody Money

What are Office Lunch Clubs?

In response to the expense of eating out for lunch every day, many offices are forming lunch clubs. Brown bag lunches get boring, and these lunch clubs are a popular and fun alternative. Each member of the lunch club will have an assigned day to provide lunch for the other group members. If the group is small, that assigned person may bring everything including drinks and paper goods. If the group is large, they may assign different tasks to a few people who have that day’s lunch duty. Really, the club can be as simple or complicated as the members want to make it.

Even cooking impaired people can choose to provide a bucket of grilled chicken with sides or a deli platter on their day, and they would still spend less than if they ate a restaurant meal every day. As an alternative, people who do not want to prepare a lasagna or other home made treats could just be assigned to make sure that the eating area is stocked with drinks and paper goods. Again, the arrangement can be flexible.

How Do Lunch Clubs Help Employees?

If employees are spending almost $10 a day on lunches, that adds up to about $200 a month. It would be much cheaper to provide a periodic cooked meal for everybody on one assigned day.

Dishes like lasagna, baked chicken pieces, or chilli are inexpensive and satisfying. Add fruit or a salad, and you have a good meal.

Some of the group members, who love to cook, will get a lot of satisfaction our of showing off their best efforts. Others will just be happy to look forward to a fun and friendly lunch every day. This really can save each member money while providing a chance to eat together and relax.

This also gives the employees an opportunity to show off cooking skills if they choose, eat together, and bond over a meal. Many offices have a break room with a fridge and microwave.

How Do Lunch Club Help Employees and Managers?

Many savvy business owners have noticed that their employees tend to take more time at lunch than is strictly allowed. This is especially true if they have to leave the building to get a meal. That is why lots of businesses have begun to find ways to encourage employees to stay in for lunch.

Some business owners even offer to cater the meal. Some do it every day, and some just do it once a week. Either way, this is a great perk that tends ot build morale and keep employees on site! They find that the expense of the employee meals is more than offset by the benefit is provides. They can help employees save money, keep lunch periods of schedule, and build morale and team bonding.

If your business cannot afford to cater the meal, you can still encourage lunch clubs. A small business owner could offer to provide soda, ice tea, or lemonade. They could provide paper goods. They should also join the lunch club to show that they are truly interested in the group!

For a few dollars a week, a small business can reap a big benefit.

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