Secret Societies Conspiracy Vs. Spiritual Laws
Recently, an acquaintance shared his opinion with us that wicked secret societies and reptilians with evil intent control the planet and humanity, and that there is no hope. We are not experts on secret societies and reptilians, but in our view, there is hope and the future is bright.
The Way To Happiness Is Not To Seek Happiness
Innate happiness is not progressively accomplished; rather it is a product of natural inner stillness. The equilibrium and equanimity that is our natural state reveals such happiness and joy when all the restlessness of the ego-contraction is revealed, acknowledged, and offered up in surrender.
The Filth of Fiction and Lies That Kill Spirituality
My life while spent in spiritual awareness and a link to the Great Spirit of the Universe is the result of reincarnation and direction shown me between lives. My return alerted me to the falsehoods people accept and believe in and the failure by most to grow in the Spirit and reject the world.... more »
Awakening Through the Wisdom of the Heart Chapter 1
Geoffrey Hart was a psychologist on the verge of a breakthrough within his newfound paradigm of Non-Dual Psychology. The answers were at his fingertips but seemed to be so far away. He was about to embark on a journey the world would never forget.
A Different Relationship to Emotions
Most people are unaware of the depths of our emotions because they don't breathe deeply enough to experience them. To truly care for others, we must feel our emotions, we must truly love ourselves and be centered in ourselves. Only then can we become attuned to the flow of love that expresses... more »
Where Will Wisdom Be Found?
Where can you find wisdom for living? If wisdom is crucial for living on earth, then it is a virtue you must search for and possess. Interestingly, it seems not to be easily accessible, otherwise many people will possess it. This article aims to direct you to the right source and access to wisdom.
What Is Wisdom To You?
What is wisdom to you? Do you walk in it? An understanding of the meaning of a thing makes it possible for you to assess your usage and development of it. Wisdom is the principal thing in life and so should be consciously acquired and used. This article explains what wisdom is.
Wisdom For Living
Do you have wisdom? Wisdom is the key to successful living on earth. Lack of it is to be groping in the dark and be surrounded by great woes, wailing and destruction. Wisdom makes the difference between success and failure, life and death, poverty and prosperity, health and sickness. Possession of... more »
Wisdom For Living-Consider The Poor
Do you consider the poor? Is giving to the poor part of your budget? This is an important wisdom for living. It is a wisdom key which many believing Christians are neglecting to their own detriment. This article expounds on considering the poor as wisdom for living.
The Enchantment
The most powerful thing that can happen is when you put your energy into something, negative or positive. Either way, it is a powerful thing and either way, it will come back to you in measure, negative or positive.
Five Spiritual Myths To Avoid
It's understandable that competing philosophies and beliefs on planet Earth can easily snag those who are trying to do the right thing. Fortunately, you have the free will to exercise your critical thinking skills, hone your objectiveness, expand your unconditional love, and sharpen your intuition,... more »
From The Therapist's Chair
The therapist acts as an anchor of reassurance and a safe, guiding harbor of trust and support. Carefully and skillfully watching the client renegotiating the new relationship to life that the transformation, still so recent, has brought about, he instills confidence and encourages surrender in his... more »
What's Going On? I Got Questions
Back in 1971, the great late Marvin Gaye asks "What's Going On?" Its been forty-eight years since then and we're still asking.
Will You Wait On God Till Your Change Comes?
Are you waiting on God for something and it seems it's taking ages to come? Will you wait on Him till your change comes? Many Christians tend to give up after a while instead of waiting till their change comes. This usually costs them the best that the Lord has for them. This article encourages you... more »
Move From Being A Baby To Being A Matured Co-Heir With Christ
Are you a baby still drinking milk or matured co-heir with Christ eating solid food? What you are determines the authority you can exercise and level of freedom from oppression you enjoy. A baby is highly vulnerable to predators and so should not be a stage any believing Christian should occupy for... more »
Remain Positioned In Your God Ordained Work For You To Enjoy His Backing
Are you on your God ordained work? Many Christians are on other people's assignments leaving their own unattended. Being at the center of God's perfect plan for your life will always enable you to enjoy His backing and lifting. This article encourages you to remain positioned in your own assignment... more »
If God Be For You Who Can Be Against You
What is still holding you bound to fear? You have been released from all kinds of fear including the fear of death, which is the main thing holding people in bondage all their lifetime (Hebrews 2:15). As a child of God you have no reason to fear again, for if God be for you, WHO can be against you?... more »
Understanding Yourself Spiritually Using Subliminal Audios
Bringing up your own mind and beliefs in a way that allows you to see who you truly are is a very personal and important activity. It might be a little difficult in most cases for regular people to literally figure out who they are in terms of life purpose and why they are here on this planet, but... more »
Perpetual Dilemma
Have you noticed that you are in a perpetual dilemma? What is the best choice? Shall I do this or do that? Is this, that, or the other a better way to go than any other? Perpetually you are strung between two poles, two possibilities, two decisions, and two possible choices. There are only ever two... more »
Number Mysticism and Money
Numerology is number symbolism. Numbers designate quantity, and they can also symbolize qualities, incredibly, in relation to personal money matters.