Reason Why Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude
Ever notice your attitude will determine your altitude? Can you find a reason why? Look inside to find out.
Emptiness: Why Do Some People Feel Empty?
Just because someone looks whole on the outside, it doesn't mean that this matches up with their inner experience. How they look is then going to have very little to do with how they actually experience life.
\"I'm Being Ignored!"
Earlier on I was waiting in line for something and the person in front of me asked the cashier a question. They didn't receive an answer, though, and this made them turn to me and say that they were being ignored.
Psychic Protection Is A Load Of Rubbish!
Whilst I was reading a book about psychic protection, someone basically turned their nose up when they saw the cover. It was clear that this person believed that what I wasn't reading anything worthwhile.
Emotional Problems: Would You Know What To Do If You Had Emotional Problems?
If one was to think about what they would do if their car started playing up, it is unlikely that it would take long for their mind to come up with an answer. In this case, it would be pretty obvious what they would need to do.
You Need To Learn How To Receive!
If someone is given a gift, it might be hard for them to accept what has been given to them. Instead of feeling happy about what they have received, they could end up feeling guilty.
How to Make a Happiness Checklist Without Happiness Feeling Like a Chore
Happiness shouldn't feel like a chore to you. Yet, you can make a happiness checklist to keep yourself on track and be happy. So what does a happiness checklist look like? Look inside to find out.
Behavior-Based Goals 101
Setting goals is not complicated, but like everything else, there is a right and wrong way to go about it. Making intentions to change your behavior - whether it's to decrease procrastination or be friendlier when you're under stress - can be a lot trickier than creating them to change performance.... more »
What Is Behavior-Based Goal Setting?
Many times, when we set intentions, we focus on the negative, i.e. what we don't want rather than what we do want. Behavior-based goals focus more on the behaviors we want to strengthen rather than the negative actions we want to remove.
Offended: What Can Someone Do If They Have The Tendency To Be Offended?
Regardless of whether one is online or offline, they may find that it is not uncommon for them to get worked up about something. They could read or hear something and, before they know it, they could experience a strong emotional reaction.
You Are Depressed Because Your Life Lacks Meaning!
Over the years I have heard a number of people say that the only reason someone would be depressed is because their life lacks meaning. I even heard a yoga teacher come out with the same view.
Self-Absorbed: Can Someone Suffer If They Only Focus On Themselves?
One thing that social media has done is made it easy for someone to focus on themselves. So regardless of if it relates to how their pictures look, how people respond to what they share or how many friends they have, it is all going to be about them.
Change Your Life In Minutes
Often, I hear people talk about how busy they are and that often they feel overwhelmed. Their lives are disorganized, their vehicles need attention and their relationships are strained. Rather than piling things up and then feeling like everything is just too large to resolve, try doing things a... more »
You Can Choose
Often, I hear individuals complain about a situation in life that they do not like. It might involve their relationships, career, finances or perhaps events occurring in various places throughout the world. They seem to think that talking about how they are suffering will make things better.
Success: Why Do Some People Get Anxious When Their Life Is Going Well?
If someone has spent a lot of time and effort building up their own life, it can be hard for them to understand why they would feel uncomfortable now that their life is going in the right direction. Yet, even if only one area of their life is going as they would like it to go, they could still be... more »
The Science Of Deliberate Creation
The science of deliberate creation is the concept of becoming more conscious about the manifestation process which we are all a part of. Thoughts become things. Not at first but over long periods of time. Think of a man-made structure which was built without thought. Pretty difficult isn't it?... more »
How Come The Law Of Attraction Isn't Working?
Maybe you've seen the film The Secret or read the book and got inspired to think about your dearest dreams for a while. But then, you gave up and things went back to normal? Here's a few reasons why the law of attraction isn't working the way you really want it to.
Belonging: Do Some Peoples Childhoods Set Them Up To Believe That They Don't Belong?
It has been said that when someone feels as though they belong to something else, it will have a positive effect on their mental, emotional and physical health. When it comes to what they belong to, this could involve being part of a family, a group of friends or to a religious group.
Don't Waste Your Time Tearing People Down!
One thing that social media has given people is somewhere where they can share their thoughts on just about anything. For some people, this is somewhere where they can tear other people down.
Masculinity: Does A Man Need To Heal His Father Wounds If He Is Out Of Touch With His Masculinity?
What a man may find, that's if he was to take a step back and to reflect on his life, is that it is a challenge for him to assert himself. As a result of this, it can be normal for other people to walk over him.