Is TRUVIA a Safe and Healthy Alternative to Sugar?
Truvia is a non-caloric sweetening agent made with erythritol, stevia leaf extract and "natural flavors." Is this a safe and healthy alternative to table sugar or not? This no-nonsense short article cuts to the chase and gives you the information you need to make a smart, informed and independent... more »
Food Time Table For Two-Year Old Baby
Two years is an important milestone when it comes to you little one's eating habits and the food they consume. At the age of two years, your baby needs a lot of nutrients in his body and milk is not enough to cater to the needs of their growing bodies.
Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Vegetarianism
Vegetarians live longer. Saturated fat causes heart disease. Your brain needs carbs to function Yeah, right! These are but some of the myths most of us live by, yet they couldn't be further from the truth. Keep reading and learn about the actual science behind vegetarianism.
Still Think of Chocolate As Health Food?
We've heard about how good chocolate is for us, but is that really true? This article looks at reasons you might want to re-evaluate your chocolate habit if you have one.
The Good And Bad About Soy
Soy has been a controversial food. Learn about the health effects of different soy foods and the latest research on soy and disease.
Change Your Diet To Change Your Life
Balancing your diet and your busy professional life can be a difficult task. Considering how you're spending most of your time at work, you have little time for your nutrition and diet. But good health is necessary to live; how can you then make time to pay attention on your diet? Actually you... more »
K2: An Important Vitamin You May Not Know
While many people have heard of vitamin K1 and know it comes from leafy green vegetables, fewer people know about K2. This article offers some information about this important vitamin -- the functions (and sources) of which are quite different from those of K1.
Some of The Amazing Health Benefits of Oregano
Oregano also is known as wild marjoram is a culinary and medicinal herb from the Lip Flowers family. It is used in medicine and in cooking for thousands of years. It adds flavor, and it can offer a number of health benefits.
Corporate Wellness Programs: The Importance Of Healthy Eating
The good health and energy of employees increases the company productivity and, right nutrition is an integral part of it. Right nutrition is a part of corporate wellness programs. What does right nutrition mean? Right nutrition means eating healthy with a variety of foods which give a person all... more »
Are You Right For The Keto Diet?
Step by step instruction on how to implement the keto diet. What to look out for when you go on the keto diet. Why cyclical keto diet is better for you in the long-run.
Eating Out? Make the Right Choices
Eating out is not only fun but is also a great way to socialize today. More and more people are also travelling for work now. However, if one does not eat mindfully then, it would be impossible to stick to the health goals. This article focuses on what food choices should be made while eating... more »
5 Tips To Reduce Sodium In The Diet
Salt is important in our diet as it enhances the taste of food and makes it more palatable. But, when taken in excess it can have health complications that can be serious. Today, the consumption of dietary sodium is more than what is recommended through the consumption of salt which contains... more »
Facts About Flatulence
Many people think if their digestive system is working normally they won't have any gas unless they eat beans or broccoli. The truth is its normal for people on a "normal" diet to expel a about quart of intestinal gas a day.
Is Today the Day For You For a Change?
True change takes laser focus. Commit, focus, and execute.
Levers? Brain Chem? What's the REAL Addiction Stimulus?
Brain chemistry has for years seemed to me to be the key to sugar addiction. A scientific study discussed in a recent podcast appeared to point to something else. Yet I'm convinced the brain chemistry piece was the underlying factor. Check it out.
Child Obesity - Nobody Said Change Was Easy
Child Obesity has become an epidemic in America, and it is time for action. Change is not always easy, but it is sometimes necessary.
10 Super Foods for Baby Boomers Over 50
Eating healthy is important at any age but becomes especially crucial for baby boomers over 50. Here are 10 super foods that boast a high nutrient-to-calorie ratio to keep your body performing optimally. You'll notice that some of these age-defying and disease-fighting super foods are items that... more »
When Serotonin's Good and When It's Bad
Some people call serotonin the "happiness hormone." But its functions are far more complex than that -- and not always good. This article touches on several different functions of serotonin, both good and bad, and offers nutrition guidelines for optimizing your serotonin levels.
Why The Fear of Dietary Fats Is Unnecessary
Dietary fats have been vilified for decades as the particular cause of excess weight and cardiovascular diseases. Nonetheless, with new innovations and researches, now there are reliable evidence to the contrary.
Health Foods - That May Not Be So Healthy
There are a lot of food that people are consuming believing that they're enjoying healthy meals. Eating too much of any food just because it is categorized as healthy can create serious health and fitness issues.