The African Lion - An Introduction to the 2nd Biggest Cat
The African lion is nothing if not a magnificent beast; in fact, it is because of this that it has been bestowed the title "King of Beasts" by multiple civilizations throughout the millennia. We will try to do the lion Justice in this short article, by appraising you of facts about the lion that... more »
Monkey Puzzle Tree
The Monkey Puzzle Tree has been known to live more than one thousand years. Today, many people learn about it when they hear the outrage of a ghost in a popular film.
Sounds of Nature
When we consider the sounds of nature, we think about the crickets, the birds, thunder storms, and wind, etc. - but, have you ever wondered what nature thinks of our sounds? Humans make a lot of noise. Think of our aircraft noise, road noise, machine noise, and even the sounds of our voices.... more »
Miracles - Do They Happen?
We are astonished by what is extraordinary and inexplicable in nature. Here are few examples. Are these miracles that suggest divine transcendence?
Interesting Facts About the Taiga
Did you know, that boreal forest, or Taiga, covers 9% of all Earth's land and is the world's largest land biome? Boreal forest runs across the northern USA and Canada, southern Iceland, across Norway, Finland, Sweden, through Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and northern Japan. Boreal forest has a... more »
Chasing the Behemoth - Melting Icebergs
We are on the verge of critical carbon emission-wise breakdown that is certain to gravitate to our current generation less than in a century. James Balog's Chasing Ice is an epitome exemplary of greenhouse impact on glaciers and thus the overall earth's climate. Where does our responsibility lie?
Encountering Native American Trail Markers
In our modern world, we are always moving from one place to another. We use road signs, maps and even GPS devices to help us reach our destinations. Many times, older travelers don't use such sophisticated ways to get directions.
Possible Uses for Pine Resin
Pine resin can be a big mess, but it can also serve a good purpose. In fact, there are several historic and modern day applications for pitch, better know as pine resin.
Lizard Eating Plant
Tropical pitcher plants are among one of the biggest exotic flesh-eating plants that are native to the old world tropics. occurring around Borneo (Indonesia/Malaysia/Brunei) and Sumatra (Indonesia). Here you will read how they even have the ability to capture small reptilians as their prey.
What to Consider Before Planting an Apple Tree
If you have always wanted an apple tree on your property, you can't simply plant an apple in the ground! Learn what it takes to successfully raise a healthy apple tree.
Regina Kizza: Suffered And Died Innocently
I lost my young sister, Regina Kizza. The immediate family battled her nest of illnesses but failed. She died on July 27th 2017 and was buried 29th July, 2017. She was in hospital for five months. Hospital became her residence alongside many other patients with different diseases that too were firm... more »
A Guide to Extracting Sap From a Maple Tree
Tree sap is delicious and sweet. So it is no surprise that you want to extract some for yourself! Learn how to do just that, right here! You can have your very own maple tree sap in as little as one day!
Preventing and Caring For Tree Wounds
Trees have an extraordinary ability to withstand the damaging effects caused by environment or equipment. Trees ward off the stressors that bite, burn, starve and rot their roots, trunk, limbs and leaves. It is truly amazing how trees compartmentalise itself to seal the wounds.
Co-Workers With God Give to the Poor and Needy
The poor and needy members of the society need you. You also need them. It is difficult to crack this for now.
Check Out This Black Gum Tree Fact Sheet
There is a lot to learn about landscaping trees and their value. Talk to a professional tree care contractor for accurate advice on choosing trees for your property. Learn about a popular tree called the Black Gum!
Snow Birds
Look, there is a robin in the backyard tugging on a long and juicy looking earthworm. Spring must be right around the corner. Roaming around in the backyard is an American robin, easily spotted by its brown back and reddish-orange breast. The bill, presently being used to hold onto that worm, is... more »
The Anatomy of a Tree
Learn about the different basic parts of a tree. Understanding how a tree works will give you more appreciation for what they do for us and our eco-system.
The 5 Layers of a Tree Trunk
The anatomy of a tree trunk might truly surprise you! There are many important jobs of a tree trunk, all taking place in their 5 separate layers! Learn more about them right here!
How Human Roads And Highways Hurt Wildlife Habitats - Forcing Adaptation And Evolution
Evolution allows species to adapt to their environment, so that the species can fulfill a niche and live to procreate and carry on. Those species that didn't evolve fast enough and were unable to change their localized living spaces are either no longer with us, or risk joining the list of... more »
Different Types of Mulberry That Grow Into Tall Trees or Short Bushes
Mulberry is the name given to plants in the Moraceae family which were introduced to the US from Asia. There are different types of mulberry that grow into tall trees or short bushes. White mulberry grows incredibly tall while the black type only grows into a 30 feet mulberry bush.