Wake Up, America!: Will You FIGHT For Our Freedoms?
It's way - past, time, for every Americans, who cherishes all the freedoms, and liberties, which are guaranteed by our Constitution, and we have become accustomed to, to wake up, and FIGHT for these principles, or risk, losing them, both, in the short - term, as well as in the longer - run! If you... more »
The Future Of Our National IDENTITY: Factors To Consider
It seems to have passed that time, when we must accept the fact, the present occupant of the White House, creates, far more than, merely, either, an inconvenience, or present threat, but rather, an inherent risk to the longer - term, IDENTITY, of this nation! What is America, and what will come to... more »
Wake Up, America!: What Do We STAND For?
If making America, great, again, means, and/ or, represents, becoming overly xenophobic, polarized, and favoring one group of Americans, different/ better, than others, we may be approaching, what is often referred to, as, a point - of - no - return! Whether one supports, the present occupant of... more »
Review of Kamala Harris's The Truths We Hold
I felt somewhat overwhelmed by the recent debate among Democratic presidential candidates. None had time to offer more than a few snippets of what they had to offer. I felt that Kamala Harris made the most sense to me and I wished I knew more about her.
The Essential, Upcoming Choice, For Democrats: Inflexible, Versus Pragmatic Idealism
Historically, when previous politicians and office - holders, including President, had significant unfavorable polling numbers, the party, which was out - of - office, generally, tried to unite, in order to defeat that individual. President Donald Trump has, or is close to, having, the lowest... more »
5 Constitutional Guarantees Under Siege
What does the United States, stand for, and represent, unless all the protections and freedoms, granted via the Constitution, are prioritized, and guaranteed? I often feel, if our Founding Fathers, were able to witness, what's going on, today, it would bring tears, to their eyes, because, what they... more »
Opinions Aren't FACTS!
Although, in most instances, thorough, political, discussions, and, even, disagreements, should be beneficial, and desired! Unfortunately, however, we are experiencing times, when, we have witnessed certain advisers, to the President of the United States, who defend some obvious misstatements/... more »
Why, So Many, Have TIRED, Of Current News?
I have found, myself, often warning my fellow Americans, to wake - up, and resist the temptation, to avoid the every - day, annoyances, vitriol, and empty promises/ rhetoric, we witness, nearly daily! If we take this easier path, of lesser resistance, and ignore this behavior, we let those, who... more »
The Armed Islamic Groups
Before condemning the Islamic terrorism, you have to condemn some Arab and Muslim dictators. Fighting the armed Islamic groups and allowing the dictatorship to flourish will create more armed groups. You have to deal with the origin of terrorism which is the dictatorship. The Arab dictators used to... more »
What's The Best Options, For America's Health Insurance?: 5 Choices
For over a decade, this nation has been having a partisan, rhetoric - driven, discussion/ debate, about health care, and how to best address the need to better serve the needs of the American public. In 2010, Congress passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA, a.k.
Xenophobia, Rhetoric/ Politics, Facts, Or Prejudice?
Our world is full of ironies, and hypocrites! For example, although, Biblical passages warn us, of the dangers of specific behavior, and informs us, to ask for forgiveness, for those times when we committed the so - called, sin, of xenophobia, or fear/ dislike/ prejudice against people from other... more »
Jayson Tatum Is The Newest Member Of The Jordan Brand Family
While you're probably eager to learn about the latest Air Jordans that are coming out, it is worth knowing that the Jordan Brand family has a new member. There are currently 21 active players in the NBA that Jordan Brand sponsors.
The 2020 Election: About Record, Or Rhetoric/ Promises?: 5 Factors
Regardless of one's personal political preferences, beliefs, etc, most will agree, we have witnessed, for the last 30 months, a level of political polarization, probably not witnessed, and/ or experienced, since the United States Civil War! In my lifetime, I have witnessed many politicians, many of... more »
When Confronted, He Resorts To 5 Behaviors/ Actions
In recent memory, we have never witnessed, any President, who handled the office, as Donald Trump, has! While his unfavorable ratings, in the polls, consistently, is at, or near, historic highs, his core supporters, are, perhaps, the most loyal, ever. To some, how the present occupant of the White... more »
Who Deserve More Credit For Today's Economy: 3 Possibilities
Even the most ardent opponents of President Donald Trump, if they want to be fair, and somewhat, open - minded, must admit, and realize, regardless of political issues, etc, today's economy, at least, in present - terms, is doing well! The President, of course, claims, no one else, could have done,... more »
Court Orders EFCC To Arrest Senator Albert Bassey Over Allege Money Laundering
Justice A. A. Okeke of the Federal High Court sitting in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, on Monday, June 17, 2019, granted an application made by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for the arrest of a serving Senator, Albert Bassey.
Marshy, Dusty Journey On Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway
Emeka Nwosu is a 35-year-old Nigerian. He deals in fairly used clothes business. In this part of the world, people call it okrika business.
Displaced Residents Of Lagos Community Cry Out, Seek For Justice Over Violation Of Court Order
For the displaced residents of Foweseje Community, in Lakowe, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria, this is indeed a trying time. The residents are alleging violation of court order and illegal demolition of their over 600 houses in their community. They fingered unnamed agents of an unidentified... more »
Why, This Isn't NORMAL!
While, part of living in an ever - evolving world, includes, witnessing certain things, which may seem different, and/ or, trend - setting, never before, in recent memory, have Americans witnessed, such a dramatic change, in policies, rhetoric, behavior, etc, when a new President assumes office!... more »
Shouldn't Public Officials, Be A FORCE, For Good?
Americans, often, point to, their right to vote, as some proof, of how, our nation, is unique, in a good - way! It is considered, one of our basic rights, freedoms, and liberties, and, there are elections, on local, state, and national levels. However, doesn't this become, merely, an exercise,... more »