Parents You Came First!
Remember the old days? Remember when parents were the boss of the home? Remember when parents were respected and revered?
And Then the Thunder Roared
In our house, thunder has a variety of meanings. Some not as good as others, but that is another story. Either way, I am not a fan of thunder. Recently, some heavy thunder visited our area along with rain and lightning. I was beginning to understand how Noah felt during his first night in that Ark.... more »
What Other Mums Don't Tell You When You Are Pregnant
At last you are pregnant; those little blue lines confirm it. You are overjoyed. Do you share your news with all around you; your relatives, friends and work mates. Or will you and your partner try and keep it your secret for a few months. You can't stop smiling you are so excited..
The Power of One Challenge
The unemployment rate for autistic adults currently hovers around 80%. Sadly, the numbers are not any better for college educated professionals on the autism spectrum. In order to yield better results, a different approach is needed to attract and retain autistic workers. Communications is key to... more »
My Favorite Day of the Week Is Tomorrow
It was one of those weeks when the more I completed, the more I had to do. These are not my favorite kind of weeks. So frustrating. During these weeks, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage finagles her infamous "Honey-Do-List" in my direction. Because I am busy doing other things and distracted,... more »
Let The Summer Fun Begin
Now that summer is upon us, we can turn our back on those frosty days of winter. I like winter as long as it is in the past tense. Otherwise, all that cold tenses me up something terrific. Now that summer is upon me, I can sit back, relax and enjoy those crazy, lazy days of summer. My plans for the... more »
Stand On Guard
When I was a child, we were taught about patriotism. Every morning at school we would stand erect facing the flag at the front of the room while singing O Canada and God Save the Queen, followed by recitation of the Lord's Prayer. Arms were to be at our sides and posture correct as the lyrics... more »
Where Is Your Home?
The Merriam-Webster dictionary has several different definitions for the word "home". One states that it is a place of residence. Another defines it as a familiar or usual setting or congenial environment and a third states that it is a place of origin.
Whatever Happened to the Simple Things in Life?
I'm not a very complicated person. I like simple things; things nice and easy. Occasionally I will do a crossword puzzle, but beside that, I enjoy the simple life. On the other side, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage is very complicated. Just when I have everything figured out, I find another... more »
One Man's Joke Is Another Man's Discount
The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I were dining out at a very nice restaurant. We had been on the road for two days and were weary of travel. At least, I was. Nothing I hate more on a vacation than travel. But this time it was not so bad because my wife was doing all the driving. She's an... more »
Another Vacation in the Bank
The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I arrived home from our vacation late Tuesday afternoon. I'm not one for vacations, but this one was special. Our grandson who lives in Ohio was graduating from high school and then this summer he would be heading off to London for some soccer group. He... more »
5 Easy Steps To Planning A Fun Birthday Party For Kids
Planning a kid's birthday party may feel overwhelming because you're going to plan for a group of picky eaters and individuals who expect nothing but fun. But with the right process, it can actually be enjoyable!
What Is a Day Off, Really?
I'm not one who gets excited about holidays. If up to me there would be one holiday per month, and that's it. The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage loves holidays, no matter what it is. For her it is a time to have a "Day Off." If anybody knows how to celebrate a day off it is her. By January, she... more »
Eating Out Of My Comfort Zone
One pleasure the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and myself enjoy is going out for a quiet dinner together. It does not happen often, at least not often enough. When it does, it is always a delightful time and we try to take advantage of it. The delight on my wife's side is that she does not... more »
The Author and the Orphan Boy (Fictional Short Story)
Everyone hopes that someday they will be recognized because of their unique abilities, but sometimes opportunity is too elusive. Once they get to hold popularity, more times than not, they become fascinated by their humble success and reminded them of the people behind their triumph.
Your Mattress Could Be Laying Waste To Your Sleep
We spend around one third of our lives in our beds - sleeping. This then doesn't include the array of other activities we do in bed - reading; watching TV; laying awake; scrolling through social media, to name a few.
Understanding the Grandpa Rules
As circumstance would have it, and I like to give circumstances due credit, I was visiting my grandchildren without the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. Normally, if there is such a status, my wife travels with me when we visit the grandchildren. However, when she is along I do not have a... more »
Pros And Cons Of Granite Tiles
Are you thinking about renovating your space, whether home or office, with a budget-friendly luxurious look? Granite tiles, with their style, strength and more, maybe the thing you are looking for. Go through the article to know more about the pros and cons of them.
And Then It Was Friday
Like many people, I try planning and arranging my week so I can accomplish as much as possible. For example, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage on Monday morning hands me her "honey-do-list" to complete by the end of the week. When she hands it to me, I smile and underneath that list I have... more »
Marble Tiles - The Best Way To Give Classic Rich Look To Your Place
Are you thinking of redecorating your place with a classy look? Are you in need of a budget-friendly luxurious feel to your place? Marble tiles may be the option you are looking for and give your interiors the natural classy feel.