Musculoskeletal Pain Linked To Long Work Hours Can Be Helped With Chiropractic Care
Over my 35 years in chiropractic practice I have noted that people work hard! Whether it be a physical construction or factory job, working in healthcare as a nurse, hygienist, technician or health aide or sitting long hours at a desk, these activities can have a harmful effect on the body. But... more »
Water - The Essential Ingredient
In today's world, I am amazed how little water most people consume. Maybe it's because it is not as flashy as the cool cans and bottles filled with various soft drinks, energy drinks, or even beer. I think we have developed the need for taste, regardless of the benefits of plain water and the... more »
The Importance of Gratitude
I don't know many people who would argue against the value of giving thanks, so on the surface it would appear that I am simply preaching to the choir here. It's easy to be thankful for all the blessings we have in our life like family, friends, health, food, shelter, etc. Expressing gratitude has... more »
Why Treating Symptoms Alone Won't Heal Discomfort, Pain or Illness
The human body is simply the vessel for emotional and spiritual beings that we are. And you cannot possibly heal your physical body alone from symptoms of pain, illness or disease, without also healing your mind and spirit. Balance; it's always about balance. Our well-being or dis-ease is a direct... more »
How to Get Centered
Centering yourself is nothing more than bringing all of your energies back to you within your entire being, connecting yourself once again to your energy. Think about the first thing one might do before a big presentation or interview. Taking a deep breath in, is sometimes what we do to prepare... more »
Soul Loss and Spirit Loss
Soul and spirit are not the same. Soul loss requires a different approach to healing than what one does for Spirit loss.
Anxiety, Asthma, Weight Gain, And Hypertension Set Up By These 2 Breathing Mistakes
In this article, you'll learn two breathing mistakes you are probably making that put your body into chronic stress, lower your mental acuity, and invite a host of health issues. You'll also learn a simple remedy. It's so easy, you can put it into practice as you're reading this.
Natural Healing Technique
Reiki is a natural way of healing technique that can cure stress-related disease, anxiety, and depression. It is a technique that uses body energy to support the body's natural healing ability. Reiki can be performed by self-healing or by a Reiki professional.
Valentines Are Healing In So Many Ways
As a child it was loads of fun to make Valentines for each member of my class. Valentines are healing in so many ways. I felt the good feeling of making something for someone else.
A Basic Principle of Healing: First, Do No Harm
The Greek healer, Hippocrates, set the first standards for medicine in the form of the Hippocratic Oath. A basic principle of that oath was "First do no harm." This ethic is meant to be the guide for whatever intervention a physician or healer uses to assist a patient to heal because.
Feel to Heal
The healing journey is the most beautiful of journeys as it gives us an opportunity to fully transform from one unhealthy form, to a new vibrant one. Healing is a state created by oneself and it can become fully transformational to our minds, bodies, and spirits. Healing is a process of ascension... more »
Shamanism - An Alternative to Modern Medicine?
A cautionary note is sounded in this article because of the proliferation of "alternative" healing modalities. One, in particular, has popped up nearly everywhere. Is shamanism a replacement for contemporary medicine?
Healing Begins on the Soul Level
We all have healing issues, regardless if they are physical, emotional, spiritual, financial or a myriad of issues. Dealing with these issues is a primary reason we chose to reenter the earth's plane and reincarnate. It is the only dimension where we can settle issues from the past. Our issues can... more »
Alternative Medicine Has a Technical Value
This article discusses the essence of alternative medicine, as a complementary science to medicine. The systematic attributes of classical, traditional, modern and energetic practises is discussed.
What Is Reiki? What Can It Do For You?
Have you heard of Reiki? If so, you are probably curious to know how it works and how it can better your life. In this article, you will find a detailed explanation of Reiki, what you can expect from a Reiki treatment and a few of the limitless benefits you can experience with its regular use.
An Important Role For Reiki In Schools
I get many teachers and teaching assistants coming to me for Reiki for stress management. They have many concerns in the way that they are now observed and the way they are limited in their help for the children.
The Polyvagal Hierarchy - Rules of Engagement
The evolutionary neurobiology of humans predisposes us to the axiom that physiology mediates psychology. The autonomic nervous system that controls heartbeat, respiration, regeneration, digestion, elimination, etc is controlled by a cranial nerve called the vagus. We can affect the vagus through... more »
Mercury Retrograde As Healing
"Mercury retrograde" seems a rallying cry for things going wrong--in communication, in endeavors, in electronics, etc. But it's actually about yin energy. The "problems" that mysteriously "appear" are simply the fruits of inadequate fundamentals.
Choice, Chance, and Signs of Gratitude
"Start each day with a grateful heart" is printed on a wooden sign that was given to me by a friend. I have that inspiring message hanging on the wall opposite my bed. I am reminded first thing in the morning to be grateful. Such a simple instruction yet sometimes, very hard to do.
Why You Need Reiki in Your Life
This article presents valid reasons why you should learn more about Reiki therapy and include it as an everyday part of your life. Reiki is a gentle, hands-on therapy used by countless people around the world to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and is helpful in the supplementary healing... more »