They Are Real! Security Cameras Capturing Real Spirits & Ghosts
This is an iMovie created from ADT security camera clips in my own bedroom and living room of real ghosts & Spirits (Orbs.) I turned it into a Halloween movie trailer, but there are no special effects, I would not even know how to do them.
How Not to Make a Short Film-Book Review
As I read "How Not to Make a Short Film" I felt more and more cheated, not by the book but by my film school. Why hadn't my instructors taught me this stuff? This is a book every film student, every filmmaker must read before writing, producing, or directing a short film.
Madaari (Film Review)
Madaari means 'Puppeteer'. The film tells the story of a grieving father who sets out to teach the culprits behind his son's untimely death, a lesson they will never forget. Don't be misled This isn't about revenge It's about education!
So Much Work for Just 60 Seconds
When you watch commercials, music videos, TV programs, or films, do you ever wonder who it is that handles the job of getting them on camera and how they're put together? That's the work of a video production company. There are really two kinds of companies that create video content.
The Beginner's Guide To Superhero Movies
Over the last 5 years or so, comic book based films have exploded into the collective awareness of theater goers everywhere. From Batman and Superman, to anti-hero protagonists such as The Punisher and Deadpool, these films are revolutionizing the concept of a character "Universe" in which all the... more »
Five Films To Watch Before You Turn 30
Not every movie is created equal. The beauty of creating and directing flicks is the endless styles, themes, and messages that can be created. Some remain timeless and seem to become more relevant as time passes. Others, are simply great films that make you feel good about yourself, life, and the... more »
Indie Film PR - How to Get Media Exposure for Your Film Launch
Indie films are the heart and soul of the filmmakers. Years of prep, financing, location scouting, travel, filming, post-production, submission to film festivals is the majority of the film budget. Brilliant indie films have won awards at the festivals, then competed against studio films in retail... more »
5 Auteur Filmmakers of the Modern Era
What makes a great director? Captivating visuals? Storytelling? Or captivating visuals and storytelling? This has been the great 21st century debate ever since the advancement in CGI technology over the last two decades. An auteur director, good or bad, has the ability to inspire a new breed of... more »
What Should I Look For Before Hiring a CD Printing Service?
When seeking a way for getting bulk copies of CDs and DVDs, you better look for a well-established and renowned company. Only the skilled & professional will be able to get you the right results.
Postmodern Film Approach - The Naked Kiss
Sam Fuller's film deals with a controversial subject that must have been totally taboo at the time. The director's pluck and enthusiasm might not be enough to overcome some other defects.
Postmodern Film Approach: Papillon
Papillon is a truly exciting story. Franklin J. Schaffner's film of Henri Charriere's account of his time at Devil's Island may not be a great picture, but it does contain a sequence that is truly exceptional.
Postmodern Film Approach: The Lady Eve
The great philosopher Stanley Cavell has tried to introduce a genre of his own creation into film study, something he calls "the comedy of remarriage". The Lady Eve is one of the films he claims for this new genre.
What You Need to Know When You're Starting Off As a Follow Focus Puller
There's so much that follow focus pullers on a film set that it may seem beyond one's understanding and imagination. There are some important tips that you must know when starting off as a follow focus puller.
Postmodern Film Approach - Airport
Airport, despite being stereotyped as a disaster film, offers much more than popcorn entertainment. Here I took a look at one such offering of the film.
Postmodern Film Approach: CBC's Othello
One of the numerous presentations of Othello available on disc, this production has both very strong and very weak points. Overall I rate it more positive than negative.
Postmodern Film Approach - The Gambler
I'm aware that James Toback has become persona non grata due to sexual misconduct allegations. This film is still worth pondering, in my view.
Postmodern Film Approach - Last Tango in Paris
Last Tango in Paris is a film student's dream. It presents numerous examples of many different aspects of film studies and, apart from the film itself, has a lot of mystique and controversy connected with it. These are some short notes on the first fifteen minutes or so.
Postmodern Film Approach - The Day of the Jackal
This is a brief musing on Zinneman's adaptation of Fredric Forsythe's first novel. The level of craftsmanship may be higher than that of the source material.
Postmodern Film Approach: SHUTTER
Shutter - Of course, even before entering the theater, I knew that going to check out the latest J-horror film Shutter would involve putting up with fifty 10-14 year olds shrieking out fake screams of terror, making snide comments at the screen loud enough for everybody in the theater to hear, and... more »
Postmodern Film Approach - The Killers (Part 2)
This is the second part of a continuing look at Robert Siodmak's film The Killers. This film is important in the history of cinema for many different reasons.