Quilts Are Very Much Alive
Learn from this great grandmother's story. Saving someone's legacy can be done in more ways than just on paper!
Recording a Life History - Simplified
Writing someone's life history can be a daunting task. This article suggests some ideas that will simplify the process.
The Napoleonic Wars
My great-great-great grandfather whose surname was Livingston(e) died in the Napoleonic Wars around 1814-1815. He left a wife and a child named Ann but it is possible that he died just prior to Ann's birth. I am trying to find information which could lead to his identity and hope that someone who... more »
Feeling Lucky to Be Irish
St Patrick's Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the gift of being Irish. The message in this Irish Blessings continues to guide and teach all who open their hearts and minds to it's message. Learn how to feel more lucky in your life even if you are not Irish by applying the wisdom of the... more »
Have an Ancestor Who Was in the Civil War? There Are Ways of Finding More About Him
Many veterans are buried at National Cemeteries throughout the U.S. There is a way to find these ancestors.
Importance Of Genetic Testing
Genetic testing or DNA testing refers to a type of medical test that is used to probe the changes in chromosomes, proteins or genes.Genetic screening testing involves biochemical tests for identifying the changes or mutations in DNA that could otherwise lead to genetic diseases.
Where Do I Start With My Family History?
People who want to begin their Family History research want to know how to start. This article will give them some ideas on how to begin.
How Important Is the Family Tree?
This is not something that bothered me before until my son asked me why I don't make one for our family. It caused me to wonder why that would be important but when thinking about it the reality hit home. My children need to know who their ancestors are and what they contributed to their present... more »
How Children Can Easily Draw a Family Tree
The family tree has a historical and pedagogical function in retracing the history of a family. While children can come up with a very simple tree, it is necessary to adopt a good method to deepen their research.
Sometimes You Really Have to Search for That Record
Family research can be very rewarding but at the same time, it can also be very frustrating especially when it comes to not being able to find records. That happened to me not to too long ago and the eventual discovery ended up being an unbelievable find. Eliza Jane Kidd was the sister to my great,... more »
Are You Having a Hard Time Finding That Illusive Immigrant Ancestor? The 1900 Census Might Help
Many people working on their family history have a difficult time finding their immigrant ancestor. The 1900 U.S. Census might be able to provide you with some clues as to when that ancestor arrived into the U.S.
My Stolen Heritage
Not all Indigenous Australians have dark skin. Many Indigenous Australians, like me, are the product of unions between Indigenous Australians and white settlers. Many of these unions were illicit, unwelcomed and often brutal. Some though, were the result of genuine love and affection and were... more »
The David Livingstone Connection
David Livingstone is a famous explorer. Born in 1813, he made it his mission to abolish slavery in Africa. My interest in Livingstone is due to the fact that my great great grand mother was Ann Livingstone and it has been passed down through my family for generations that Ann was in someway related... more »
Relish in Your Ancestry - They Did Everything to Improve Your Lineage
Realize the significant impact that your ancestry added to your lineage, current ideology, faith, cultural habits, and even down to the food that you find the most appealing. Relish or show appreciation and pride in your ancestry. Recognize the value that knowing your ancestors can bring to your... more »
Researching Your Scottish Ancestry
Researching your family history while travelling to the United Kingdom is a great way to spend a holiday and to find out about your family before they migrated to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, or wherever they decided to settle. It is important to do your homework prior to getting on a plane.... more »
Tracing Your Family's Ancestry
FINDING YOUR ANCESTRY - TRICKS OF THE TRADE - So much has been written about how to best go about tracing your family tree that rather than just repeat what every other book or article has suggested, I think it's best to tell you how I have attempted to find details about my Great-Great-Grand... more »
Searching Your Irish Heritage & Ancestry: The Very First Step
Here are some helpful and easy steps to begin your journey of discovery. These tips may seem obvious and quite basic but it always surprises me just how many people overlook these simple first steps.
Why Researching Tax Digests Is Important to the Genealogist
The tax digests or records in Georgia counties provide important data for the reasoning process of the genealogist and helps to follow the trail of the past. Although at first glance it appears to contain very little information and is unindexed, the information itself provides vital clues to... more »
Multigenerational Lies and the Effect They Have on Personal Identity
Family secrets and lies that are kept over many generations can have devastating effects on family descendants. It can dramatically affect how they view themselves as a person as well as their ability to interact in an effective way with family, friends and in their personal relationships.
Locate Your Biological Parents
One request I get every now and again is to assist someone in locating his or her biological parents. Some people may be just interest for their own knowledge to see what kind of lifestyle their biological parents lived, and others want to see about pursuing a possible relationship with them.... more »