Answer to Question: Why Do Some Americans Call the USA the Greatest Country on Earth?
Here are the reasons some Americans call the USA the greatest nation on earth. The reasons include constitutional law, science & technology, Providence, diversity, innovation, agriculture and often being on the right side of history.
8 Playground Hygiene Practices Every Parent Should Know About
Taking the kids to the playground is a great avenue for them to get a breath of fresh air and let them exercise through engaging in active play. Particularly now that we live in a gadget-driven era, the playgrounds serve as a wonderful place for children to have a screen-free entertainment.
The Three Step Ladder to Becoming an IAS Officer in India
The article first helps in understanding that the career of an IAS is about developing the nation and not merely personal growth. Then it moves forward to explain the three stages, i.e., Prelims, Mains and Interview, need to be cleared to reach the end goal and how they can be cracked.
Four Tips for Multi-Team Early Childhood Assessments
School Psychology professionals and clinicians are often asked to complete multi-team assessments for early childhood and pre-kindergarten children. Here are four tips that may help professionals involved in multi-team early childhood assessments.
Belief - Must It Make Sense?
Individual differences of disposition and maturity affect our views. Our rational understanding gives us a responsibility for how we choose a belief.
You Are Never Too Young
I was surprised to learn the young man who'd asked me such an interesting question was only 17 years old. His curly hair hung down to his shoulders, and he wore the kind of tie-dyed t-shirts I used to wear when I was 17. But his inquisitive brown eyes were filled with wisdom, and when I looked at... more »
What Makes TimesPro's PGDBM XL Program the Best in Its Class?
The banking sector in India is poised for robust growth as technological advancements and policy reforms continue to provide the impetus to growth. A well-developed BFSI sector is a must for economic progress, and that is why the banking sector today is holding a strong emphasis on strengthening... more »
Transcendent Reality - Understanding It
Earthly thought is limited to natural things, and mystical experience mysterious. Abstract thinking however can give a glimmer of transcendent reality.
The Opportunities Extended by Global Exposure in Management Education
The student population is at a constant rise; competition is rising; challenges are common at every path of the career, and opportunities are being fished away by new players every minute. It is a real-world overview of the twenty-first-century business landscape. So, what can be the most essential... more »
Guidance for Scoring Great in GMAT
The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer based test that is aimed at assessing the verbal, quantitative, writing, analytical, and reading skills for determining your suitability for getting admission to a graduate management program like MBA. The problem-solving abilities,... more »
Data Science: The Path to Unlocking the Best Paying Job Roles in the Near Future
"Data is the new gold mine!" The statement holds huge significance when it comes to today's business world. The current corporate arena is largely operated based on data-driven decisions.
5 Modern Job Profiles That You Can Apply for Right After Your Mass Comm
The mass communication degree is probably the only bachelor program that provides you with the maximum career freedom. You can choose to become anything, you can apply for any profile. Be it management or technical, legal or hospitality, a mass comm graduate can find a job anywhere.
The Rise of the Tourism Sector and How Can You Fit In
The boom of the tourism industry is clearly visible both in India and abroad. As the economic condition of the world keeps improving combined with stiff competition in the hospitality sector, more people are now spending their money in the tourism segment and have the options to do it. Tourism is... more »
Interesting Animals That Roamed The Earth Before Humans
The first undisputed signs of life began nearly 3.4 billion years ago, and ever since then, life has drastically evolved in forms and factors that are unlike anything we see on earth today. From giant land scorpions to extinct crocodiles the length of a school bus, explore interesting animals that... more »
The Earning Potential of a Banking Manager
Banking is one of those rapidly growing industries that have their reach from the public sector to the private sector. It is an integral part of the basic economy of any country and serves as a backbone to the masses. Finding a suitable job in this sector is always considered to be a good hunt.
Laudable Reforms by CBSE in 10th Board Exam Structure - A Progressive Decision
Education by no means can be defined by a compulsive approach. Every student is unique in his/her own way, and it won't be even wise to expect them to have the same expertise as the other. The education process should always refer to and take care of the varied talents of the young minds.
6 Mobile Apps That Can Help Improve Your Child's Grades
In this article, we discuss how technology in the form of various mobile applications is playing a significant role in assisting a child's education. With so many of them prevalent in the market, it is important to make parents and teachers aware about some of the top-rated Apps that are very... more »
Infrastructure Plays a Vital Role in Raising the Quality of Education
School education has become a massively competitive segment with several private schools opening up.The increasing access to technology has resulted in growing awareness among parents in terms of the expectation from schools for quality education. In this article, we discuss the significance of... more »
The Psychology of Kissing
On the analysis of a kiss, science of kissing, types of kisses and the social basis of kissing..
People Who Inspire: The "Unsinkable" Maggie Brown
On April 15, 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg at around 11:40 pm. Less than three hours later it slipped below the surface. During the rush to save as many as possible, Maggie helped other passengers get into their lifeboats, refusing to board her own. She was finally persuaded to leave the ship... more »