How Does One Start a Career in Real Estate?

There are a number of ways. One of the most common is to attend a real estate career right at a local real estate office. Many companies that are trying to expand offer these sessions once or twice a month. A second way is simply walk into a real estate office where you think you might want to work, and ask if they are hiring. In some areas, to get a license, you have to be sponsored. The trick is to find a sponsor.

You can also choose to go on the non-licensed route. This would be doing non-sales work for a large realtor, or doing investing and fix-up work that does not involve selling over the minimum number of units a year that is required to be licensed. The very basic way of doing this is to buy one of the scam real estate courses, and ignore the zero down parts. Buy this at a used book store or E-bay and don’t pay retail.

Another route is to work for a builder as a “builder’s agent”. This is where you sell new homes in a new development, and your job is to fit homes to the customers.

Finally, there are schools and courses out there. Many of them have a study at home program. Local tech schools might also have real estate courses. Check with your local board of realtors for more information. Your area might also have an association of landlords, which might also have some good information.

You may also attend online courses. But take care, not all online real estate schools are accredited. If it is not, find another school. Accreditation means the school has qualified instructors, has an approved study program by a state authority, has approved recruitment and admissions policies. School accreditation is your policy that the course you are taking will lead to a viable license.

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