Festivals of Nagaland

Nagaland is a small state that is situated on the North Eastern part of India. The state is known for its culture and many festivals that are celebrated at different times of the year. All the festivals in this state are celebrated with great zeal and fervour. The state has a number of tribes which have their own distinct festivals that are celebrated with a lot of pomp and show.

Nagaland is an Agarian city so there are a number of festivals that revolve around the agricultural activities. Some of the festivals are celebrated during the sowing season while some are celebrated during the harvesting season so that they can seek blessings from the God.

The state of Nagaland has a number of tribes that celebrate their own festivals. Some of the festivals of Nagaland are Sekreni, Tuluni, Hornbill, Yemshe, Bushu, etc.

Some of the popular festivals of Nagaland are:

1. Hornbill Festival: This is one of the most celebrated festivals of Nagaland. In this festival tribal groups from all over the state gather in the capital city of Kohima and perform dance rituals to please the Almighty. This festival is celebrated during the month of December which makes the best time to visit Nagaland. Many government agencies and other initiatives have been taken up to protect and preserve the traditional legacy of these tribes. The Hornbill Festival allows the tourists to know more about the legacy of the tribes through various art, dance, music, parade, sports and religious fairs that are organized all along the city of Kohima.

2. Moatsu Festival: This is another most celebrated festival of Nagaland. This festival is celebrated by the Ao tribes of the state and this festival is celebrated during the month of May. This festival is characterised by several cultural and religious activities that are performed after the stressful work of clearing the fields, burning the forests and sowing of seeds. The festive celebration last for one week where a ‘Maha Yagya’ is organized so as to seek the blessings of Almighty. This festival also involves the symbolic celebration called as Sangpagtu where a large fire is lit. Many men and women sit around it and chant various mantras.

3. Nazu Festival: This festival is celebrated by the Pochury tribe of Nagaland. This gala event is celebrated for more than 10 days during the month of February. In this festival, women dress up in the traditional dresses and glittering accessories. The women would then perform ritual dance, which is more entertaining rather than ritualistic.

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