Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent Review

Camping is an integral part of open air activities. Just as a student won’t go to an exam without a pen, a soldier won’t go to the battlefield without ammunition, and similarly a camper can’t think to go camping without a tent. Without a tent, on a camping trip you would be longing to get back home. If you are one little happy camper group of three or four persons at max, The Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent is a superb choice. It will hold the campers as well as the light camping gear that you’ll be carrying with you.

Camping is meant to be a time of recreation and repose with your family, friends or dear ones. To have healthy leisurely activities at the beach or other outdoor venues is the object of the camping endeavors. While on your camping excursion the most helpful gear that you take on your trip is the tent. The need of proper camping gear can’t be overemphasized. The camping gear can bear out to be critical in the time of want.

Now that we have established that a tent is the most crucial tool for a pleasure camping tour, comes the question of choosing the right tent. There a hundred shapes and sizes of tents to chose from. The factors that you need to consider before selecting a tent are: the size of your camping party, the price that you are willing to pay for it and last but not the least, the trustworthiness of the tent. Your tent’s rain resistance should also be a part of your considerations. The Eddie Bauer Sport Dome tent is only for three or four persons but the smaller dome attached to the side will give you extra space that you can use far pleasure or storage.

Distinct features of the Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent include polyester walls; these walls give you comfort as well as stylish décor. The floorings of The Eddie Bauer Sports Dome Tent are of nylon taffeta with seam tap and superb trimmings. Another wonderful feature of Eddie Bauer Sports Dome Tent is its shock-corded poles which are easy to set as well. The Eddie Bauer Sports Dome Tent contains large polyester mesh windows that give you acme ventilation while you can also fix your eyes on the glittery sky in the night.

The Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent also contains rain dash with lucid window. That enables you to relax in your tent, drinking coffee or tea and enjoy the natural shrubbery at the same time. The Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent eventually provides you with more room through its drying hoofs and hanging gear loft. Furthermore this tent has zippered storage bag and a repair kit for any mishap that might occur. This is suited for diverse weather conditions.

Beware while buying this innate fashioned tent because The Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent has restricted water defiant abilities and you may find yourself in a complex situation during rain.

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