Career Metamorphosis

Are you happy at your current job?

Do you enjoy waking up every day and going to work for your employer?

If I asked you what you are passionate about, could you give me an answer?

The sad reality is most people I’ve talked with are not happy where they work and have NO IDEA what they are passionate about.

What in the hell happened to us? How did we create a career or work environment where the status quo is acceptable, maybe even preferred?

“I just want to do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wage.”

What does that mean?

Do you have a pulse?

Bring in the crash cart!

If you are in a dead-end job that is no longer challenging or you are working for a company stuck in the “old guard” way of doing things, you have an excellent opportunity to dramatically change your reality.

No more excuses.

No whining.

No settling.

Prepare to leave the job that is killing your soul.

Imagine if you decided to let all of the drama fall away and began to take stock of your strengths, and true interests. What if you could immerse yourself in a training program, class or book to learn more about your discovery?

What if you could become the most amazing version of yourself to date?

A part of self exploration involves making an investment in YOU by taking some time to map out your dream. You’ve heard me talk about mind maps, vision boards and dream quests. What do you have to lose by taking a closer look?

Stop putting up with corporate sadism and shake yourself off like the big dog you are!

Uncover your options.

What is it about you that makes you special?

What do you want to do?

Seriously, if you could do, be or have anything you wanted, what would that look like for you?

Do you really plan to wait another two, three, four or five years to make a change?


Are you a masochist?

Corporate loyalty is an illusion.

If you are ready to leave the job that is killing your soul, begin with the following actions:

    * Identify your strengths and talents. If you were to ask 5 people that know you well; what would they tell you about you?

    * Explore how you can apply your strengths to your career interests – do some digging.  Immerse yourself in this research.

    * Discover a mentor and create an opportunity to have a conversation with her.

That’s it …

Identify, Explore and Discover.


    “Your life is worth much more than you know” – Maya Angelou

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