Career Add Coach Or A New Livelihood?

In the past few weeks, several folks have connected with me recently wondering if they should consider an ADD Coach or a new livelihood. For various reasons, some feel that the two types of coaches are mutually exclusive, or that it does not make sense to work with both at the same time.

So, here is my response to the question do I need one or both, and should I work with them separately or together: Yes and Yes. Yes you need an ADD Coach if you think you do, and yes, you need to consider a new livelihood if you think you do. In some cases, an ADD Coach will offer Career Coaching. However, it is my experience that few offer a thorough, “inside-out” approach, knowledge of the workplace, job market, career fields, job placement and development strategies, resume review, as well as real world career tools and resources to help clients fully explore all options. If so, that is a rare find, and I am happy to endorse such a professional.

My own background does include all of the above plus 20 years of professional career counseling experience. While I am clearly not a certified ADD Coach, I do have a coaching background and expertise in working with ADD/ADHD clients. I like to say that I AM the package for ADDers seeking career, business coaching.

However, there are individuals that clearly need both separately.

My suggestion is to keep the two exclusive of one another. ADD characteristics come in all forms and take a real specialization and the right coaching relationship to tackle this one area – managing characteristics such as procrastination, time management, distractibility, impulsivity and any number of challenges that are day to day concerns and impact all areas of one’s life takes special consideration, and therefore a special kind of professional.

Often, new clients come to me concerned that they should start with an ADD/ADHD coach before embarking on a journey to find a new career or livelihood. When you consider that once you find your true direction, the “shiny ball syndrome” diminishes, as well as many of the other characteristics we are so famous for engaging in (i.e. procrastination). It seems that it would make far more sense to tackle the career/livelihood issue first. Why? Because we are now doing work that we can get excited about, that we can focus upon and sink our teeth into. By nature of our enthusiasm, focus and clarity, we tend to naturally excel at our livelihood.

As ADDers, we will always have to manage the characteristics that can take us off track. I could seriously use a good ADD Coach myself to help me stay on track when working on my business every day. I could use someone to guide me (gently) by providing processes that are doable for me, given my stubbornness and absolute resistance to consistency in almost any form. However, the fact that I am beyond happy with the work I get to do every day provides the motivation to get on with it and take action. Well here’s hoping.

So to sum up my comments regarding this issue, I would recommend tackling your career direction with a professional first, and then seeing where your characteristics land – those that require full on management. Then, take the next step and get yourself a great ADD Coach.

If you would like to consider either of these options, I have loads of great folks to recommend, but of course, would prefer you start with moi as your career pro.

Let’s chat for a few minutes to see if we might be a great fit. Simply email me. You have nothing to lose and will be armed with great information from which to make an important decision.

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