Berkline Space Savers

Berkline home theater seating have a number of models that are commonly called space savers. This means they are home theater seats that are designed with a small foot print so that they can work in home theaters where space is a premium. The home theater seating models that come to mind in this category and that are worthy of mention are the Berkline 45004 Palladium, Berkline 45088 Premier, Berkline 13175 Tangiers and the two new additions – Berkline 45030 and 45032. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the pros and cons of each of the models and which ones get the most attention in the marketplace.

The Berkline 45088 Premier is the oldest and most established of the group. The seat is also the smallest of the group and definitely not suited for taller people. It only has a back height of 38′ which would make it suitable for anyone who is less than 6 ft tall. This seat blends a traditional and contemporary design into one model. The seat back and arm rest are traditional where the chaise style foot rest gives the home theater seat a more modern characteristic. The arm rest are also very narrow and the lower back portion of the seat is split into two panels to give excellent lumbar support.

The Berkline 45004 is the 2nd best known home theater seating model from the space saver options. This seat is not transitional in style but is more contemporary. It also features a much higher back height at 41.5′ and a pillow top style seat cushion that makes this model the most comfortable in this group. A 2′ layer of memory foam is added to the seat portion. The arm rests have a contemporary curve when seen from the front and this theater seat does not have a chaise style foot rest.

The Berkline Tangiers 13175 is my personal favorite in this group for two very important reasons. Firstly, the price on this seat is far better than the two models referenced above. Secondly, it includes a high back height at 42′ which makes it a comfortable seat for taller people. It also has the split lower back panel which again provides excellent lower back support.

The two new additions – Berkline 45030 and 45032 – have some unique features. The Berkline 45032 home theater seat includes a unique downward sloping arm rest from the back of the seat to the cup holder. This slope makes accessing the cup holder very easy when in a reclining position. This model also can be ordered with contrast stitching which is the white stitch in the leather in contrast to the leather color of the seat. The Berkline 45032 includes a new ‘on/off’ power switch for the lighted cup holders and ambient lighting. Both these new models can be delivered by UPS Ground which allows for quicker shipping from the manufacturer.

With these new introductions, Berkline now has an adequate selection of space conscious seating configurations for every type of home theater environment.

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