Bad Breath Causes & Cures

Bad breath Causes

Anaerobic bacteria excrete VSC (Volatile Sulphur Compounds) which cause the smells of halitosis.

This type of bacteria are non oxygen breathing, so contact with oxygen will kill them.

Anaerobic bacteria live deep below and between taste buds, under the gum line, in the tonsils & in the sinus system. All places oxygen cannot get to.

They eat proteins found in blood, body tissues, mucus, sugars, dairy products & meat.

While everyone has anaerobic bacteria and they serve an important role in making food digestible, 1 in 4 people suffer from anaerobic bacteria imbalance. This imbalance allows these bugs to colonize far larger areas of the mouth, sinuses and throat. This creates a jump in VSC output, at which time bad breath smells become detectable by people.

The smell can range from unpleasant to absolutely disgusting.

Anaerobic bacteria imbalance is caused by smoking, alcohol, medications, stress, diet, poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, Post Nasal Drip, ageing, lack of sleep, low vitamin D intake (sunlight) and lack of exercise.

If you said yes to some of the above you are at risk. If you said yes to many of the above you will have unpleasant to awful halitosis.

Halitosis or bad breath needs more than just a breath mint. One of the smellest culprits could be tonsil stones, which are tiny white clumps of bacteria and mucus. They develop in the nooks of the tonsils, where they support anaerobic bacteria which you now know produce bad breath.

The best way to reduce bad breath is to avoid dairy products, coffee, sugar, red meat & soft drinks.

Also drink at lest 4 litres of water every day & and make sure your mouth is never dry. Use sugar free gum to help avoid dry mouth.

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