A Short History of English Movies and Philippine Literature

The history of English-movie is very old dating nearly back to the same time as other most of the European countries and America. While Philippine literature is also very old and most of the ancient literature of Philippines dates from ancestral worship and legends which were brought by the first settlers from Taiwan.

In 1913, American movies and actors had infiltrated deep into England and this fashion became so popular that a London based film company started making films in the UK casting American actors.

The Philippine islands were a Spanish colony from early 1500s and were controlled by the US in the first half of the 20th century. The written literature was present much earlier than the Spanish colonial period. Because Spain was in a grip of investigation, the church doctrine passed a decree to destroy the Philippines written records and be replaced by Catholic teachings only.

There were problems with the English-movie industry for maintaining its pace with the progressing technology. Because of this problem, there was technical comparison of English-movie industry with its European and American counterparts.

The English movies were also greatly impacted by the theatre culture. The presentations of English movies were similar to the style of screen play as stage play. Many English movies ended up in the same actors and sets that were used in the stage plays.

The First World War was also a cause of problems for the English movie industry. The audiences were more attached to American movies and they were praised a lot. The downfall of English movies continued despite the infusing of private sponsorships into the English movie industry until it finally ceased completely in 1924.

Through the first half of the 20th century till this time, most Philippine poetry and literature was written in Spanish. José Rizal is a Philippine national hero and considered the father of Philippine literature. Although his work was written and published in Spanish language but it has inspired many Filipinos. José Rizal was also a model of civilized living and he had also studied medicine and philosophy and was awarded for his work.

The downfall of English film industry did not remain forever and the dedicated efforts of some film producers and actors luckily revived the English movie industry in 1927. Many Philippine writers excelled to the level that story writing and poetry became a major cultural export. Although the professional writing in the Philippines is nowhere near as advanced as other English speaking nations but several awards are offered annually that recognize the excellence of Philippine literature.

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