A 34-In-1 Golf Club?

Considering our vast number of 160+ “Michiana” area golf courses within NW Indiana and SW Michigan, we typically are far too busy talking with and about these many wonderful courses to spare much time for product reviews. However, this rare exception also has ties to the Michiana area: The Divnick Adjustable Golf Club — truly in a class by itself.

Imagine a well-built club that starts out at a mere 17″ long, making the Divnick extremely easy to toss into an overnight bag for traveling. Once at the course, your Divnick extends to full size (37″, 38.5″ or custom lengths available) with the look and feel of a classic iron. But the Divnick has another unique aspect, or the “Wait there’s more…”, it also has an adjustable head that can quickly adjust from a putter to a driver to a full set of irons and 8 wedges. From there you can also lock it on HALF LOFTS to exactly dial-in the club / loft needed! In all, the Divnick can provide 34 clubs with the weight of just 1 club.

The Divnick Adjustable Golf Club was invented by one-time Michiana resident Steve Divnick, who was once an instructor at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Divnick took up the game of golf in 1988, and thought it was cumbersome to need so many different clubs. This started Divnick on four years of development and testing of a clubhead that could be locked on the various lofts found with a conventional set of clubs. He patented the Whole-In-One DIVNICK™ Adjustable Golf Club and is now shipping to buyers around the globe.

The adjustable clubhead is constructed with 17-4 stainless steel, which is the same material used when making pro metal woods. The Divnick head then locks to the shaft, providing the response and solid feel as you would find with a traditional club.

During our testing, we were comparing the Divnick to the likes of Titleist irons and TaylorMade woods, so the Divnick had some stiff competition (pardon the pun?).

First, we set the Divnick club to the pitching wedge setting since that’s where we like to begin all our warm-ups. On four consecutive swings, we hit the Divnick about 110-115 yards. Not bad, and we really liked the ball flight and feel.

Next, we positioned the club at the 8-iron setting. We hit it right at our target several times in a row. This was surprising considering this was our first time trying the club. Usually to get a good feel for a particular club, you’d want two or three outings with it. We found the Divnick to be true at all settings and were also surprised by how easy it is to change the loft of the clubface.

The Divnick club plays well and then can be collapsed to a very small size. This is perfect for a frequent traveler and those that might want to reduce the number of clubs and weight of their bag… if not the entire bag for one Divnick. But bringing a driver with a longer shaft than is standard with the Divnick is always nice to have on hand. Divnick also has drivers with telescopic shafts for those who want the full-driving distance with the traveling portability.

When adding terms such as “adjustable” or “telescopic” to describe a club, it can be easy to also include “gimmick”, but our trials confirm what Golf Magazine also found, the Divnick club is “Solid!” and many Pros seem to agree:

Jason Hadden, Touring Pro: “Hits about 25 yards farther than my clubs… It’s terrific… I strongly recommend it…”

Garay Goecke, PGA Pro: “It is as solid as my $1100 graphite clubs and hits farther.”

Peter Stacey, PGA Pro: “I have been a PGA registered golf professional since 1971. I have tested every new golf product over the last 27 years. And nothing has excited me as much as the Divnick Adjustable Golf Club. I used this club first on the driving range and then on the golf course. I soon discovered that it will perform in the same way as the latest HI-TECH golf equipment that I normally use. In fact, this club hits at least 10% further! I can hit it high or low, short or long, and the feel is perfect.”

Source : ezinearticles.com

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