2 Underrated Las Vegas Alternatives to Clubs

You might be going to Las Vegas and want to do some drinking but not want to stand in a long line or pay a high cover at some club. Las Vegas is not short of bars that you can go to, but you want to visit somewhere a little more different. After all, this is Vegas. I like the clubs in Vegas but some times you need a break from them. Well there are two places in Las Vegas that seem a bit underrated when compared to other properties. It is unfortunate that both places aren’t exactly in the best locations to maximize their traffic, but they are worth checking out at least once when you visit Las Vegas.

The first place is a bit off the Strip but you can get there for free in a Harrah’s shuttle. The Voodoo Lounge is located at the top of the Rio and features a nice inside area as well as a rooftop patio. To start off, a great thing about the Voodoo Lounge is that if you arrive before 9pm you won’t be charged a cover charge. Though actually, the last time I visited there was no cover charge at all that night so they might have changed to no cover at all which would really boost up how much of a must visit place this would be. Even if you don’t drink, you should go up there just for the amazing view. The patio area doesn’t have much look to it besides for the nicely purpled stairs and windows, but that does make for a nice separation from the rest of the high end places that have populated Las Vegas.

Another place you’ll want to check out at least once is located by the Riviera and is especially nice in that is open 24 hours. The Peppermill Fireside Lounge also has no cover charge, though has usually been fairly empty when I’ve been in there. This is more of a romantic lounge with dim lighting and of course what makes them special, a firepit to sit around. While it’s a vintage lounge, they’ve made a modern update by having some small TV screens to show music videos instead of just playing music. And since this is more of a relaxed place, you won’t hear club music or typical bar music here. And then there are the drinks, as this is a lounge. The drinks aren’t that cheap but they are good. There’s a good drink called ‘Scooby Snack’ but you won’t get that much for how much you pay. Because of this, I’d recommend going there to relax for only 1 or 2 drinks after you’d already been out. Though this is Vegas and if you’re going to an actual club, you’ll be paying a lot for drinks anyways. So if you’re in Las Vegas in the winter, you’ll definitely want to stop in by the nice fire for a bit on the cold nights. Even in the summer, you should consider stopping into the Peppermill Fireside Lounge for a little relaxing.

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